About Us

EMH Resources

EMH Resources is an independently owned oil and gas company located in the heart of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. The company focuses on bringing value to investors by:

EMH Resources is an independent company that knows the oil & gas business from lease negotiations to revenue distribution. Our knowledge of operations and ability to keep overhead and promotional costs to a minimum, allow us to maximize return on investment for investors, with the expectation of  developing a long-term relationship.

What does EMH Resources offer that others may not?

Our investors are valued from the very beginning.  We pride ourselves on being accessible through personal contact, cell phone and email.  Investors can take comfort in knowing that their money is working directly for them and not paying for a high priced office building and outrageous markup. We manage investments wisely, verify stages of the operations and report back to our investors on a regular basis.  We believe that communication, integrity and trust are the keys to earning your business, while our long-term goal is to produce a solid ROI for our investors.