Dunn #1

After we applied an advanced treatment to our Dunn #1 to clean it up, we needed the ability to continually produce the well with a slower pump rate, so we purchased a Variable Speed Drive and changed out the sheave at the gearbox to a 36" wheel. For this well, our gas production for 2018 has improved 17% and our oil production improved 29% compared to the 2017 production numbers.

Typical Move in and Rig Up

Graham #19

This is the Graham #19 prior to drilling.  It was the first well on the Weston Acreage which consisted of approximately 1340 acres located west of Graham, Texas in Young County.  We successfully drilled it and logged it on May 4, 2012.  We produced it from the lower zone, Marble Falls Conglomerate, for about 5.5 years and recently moved to the next zone up hole which is referred to as the Lake Sand.  It is also a Marble Falls Conglomerate, but is the Upper Marble Falls Conglomerate.  It is expected to be fractured in May of 2018.

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Graham #22

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Graham #23

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